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Student Loans


Is continuous lack of funds disturbing your focus on the studies? Do you require extra funding source to buy stationery or reading materials? Well, all your wishes will be fulfilled by availing student loans. Flexible deals are available and the interest rates are decided on the basis of your earning capacity during the graduate courses or after completing the study rather than your prevailing financial circumstances.

The loans give you the freedom of flexible repayments too, as you can repay the borrowed sum or some part of it, after leaving your university.

Representative Example

Loan Amount
Loan Terms
12 months
Monthly Installment
Total Repayable
Interest Rate
24.5% (fixed)


  • You can apply anytime while pursuing the academic study
  • Your loan repayment amount may vary from one month to another
  • No early repayment charges will be levied if you want it early
  • Loans are available with no credit check process

The best way to finance your studies without any delay and tedious process is the student loans from private lender. Gizmo Cash gives you enough financial assistance that can cover all the expenses and you can continue to pursue education in a hassle-free manner.


A loan gives the students to use the money on time when mostly needed and that will be repaid to the lender on a specific term. Thus, whether you need a loan to pay the tuition fees or just for the maintenance cost, we are going to help you everywhere in the UK, like England or Wales. We provide loans through an ONLINE FORMAT that don't require tedious steps to follow.

  • Share your details with us by filling an online application form
  • We don't require any credit check but consider student's income
  • Submit the loan application and wait for approval
  • Get a quick decision followed by instant fund transfer

Meanwhile, before starting the application procedure, go through the following student loans eligibility conditions:

  • You must be over 18 years of age
  • You should be studying in a reputed UK University
  • Permanent residence should be in the UK
  • You should have a valid bank account


As a student, you need to be sure about how to make the repayments of any amount that you borrow. Alternatively, you can use the student loans repayment calculator to get the perfect estimate of the repayment and the interest rates. Here are few points that you need to consider:


You will be asked to repay on the basis of how much you are earning not on the basis of how much you borrow. If your earning is less, then getting a loan might become difficult but Gizmo Cash will not disappoint you. We try hard to arrange the best possible loan deal where you can make the repayments after leaving your course and based on your income.

In case, you have to leave the course early, then you still have to make the repayments but the procedure may differ at this time.


The repayment process revolves around the type of work that you are doing right now. Suppose, if you are doing work on regular basis, you can repay the amount from your salary if it is above threshold. If someone is a self employed, then the repayments can be done when he is paying the tax. Options do available for those students, who have moved overseas to pursue further education. The lending norms for them depend upon the individual circumstances.

The term of student loans repayment depends upon what is the duration of your course. In full time courses, you can start making repayments once you finished your course and earning above the repayment threshold. On the other side, if you are pursuing the part time courses, then you may have to repay till the course ends or alternatively, you can also make repayments after the course only if your income is above the set threshold.


Majority of the lenders in UK are presenting short term loans for students and reasons are plenty. For instance, they do not have steady source of income and they usually have bad credit score. They are either dependent upon their parents or they do part time job.

At Gizmo Cash, we see other way around and that is why we are quite different from other direct lenders working at the huge marketplace of the UK. We have ready-made deals on long term loans for students, which one can borrow on flexible terms and conditions. However, these loans usually applied for rare circumstances and provided on the repayment capacity of the concerned borrowers

In order to apply for the long term loans, you should have these qualities or conditions to fulfil:
  • You must have good academic record during under graduation
  • Students pursuing post graduate study are usually preferred (as they can do full-time job)
  • Providing the guarantor is mandatory and he or she should a good credit record
  • Despite soft credit check, we do expect good or fair credit ratings from applying students
  • If possible, they can put collateral of their parents or if they have something to their names


Yes, why not! Gizmo Cash presents the student loans in the form of a crucial financial assistance, which is specifically designed to fund the borrowers when they are not able to afford University expenses. Most of the lenders are reluctant to offer loans to those students, who have the bad credit issue. But we are different from others and we have actually arranged specialised loan deal for students with poor credit history.

We follow the no credit check policy where the perusal of past credit record does not take place rather the approval comes through the earning level of a student. In addition, we also ensure a peace of mind for the borrowers where they need no guarantor to ensure the repayments. Your income is enough for us and we will approve the loan application almost on guaranteed basis.

Apply now for student loans, and seek a full financial support from us…

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