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Getting even a small loan to rectify your small financial issues can be difficult and the sole reason is your poor credit history. With limited options available, you may find tough to find out a solution, but it is not totally impossible.

Payday loans for bad credit people are purposefully provided to instantly arrange small amount of cash, from £1000 to £10000, irrespective of their past credit history. These are the short term unsecured funding sources available with different names like payday advance, small loans and cash advance. Any individual with above 18 years of age, holding permanent citizenship of UK and earning a stable income can be declared as the qualified borrower to avail these loans. If you have less-than-perfect credit score, you are still the eligible borrower and can resolve any financial issue as soon as possible.

With no impact of your credit score, you can easily apply payday loans from direct lenders and meet your urgent personal ends like:

  • Unexpected expenses
  • Single time payments
  • For improving credit scores

Gizmo Cash provides a simple way to borrow funds through these cash advance loans and get an early solution to your urgent financial issues. We do not ask for any hidden charges and provide loans on easier terms and conditions.

What you need to consider before applying for the loan?

  • You need to have a purpose of applying for the loan first. Do not assume that this is a small loan and you can apply anytime for any purpose. Remember it can further ruin your credit rating.
  • Ask for the amount for which you have the capacity to repay it. Many people have forgotten this point and later regret. Instead, you should request for the amount that is important right now.
  • You can check your credit score before applying but do not practice it to multiple credit reference agencies. Check your score from only one agency and then apply for the cash advance loans.
Representative Example:
Loan Amount:- £1000
Loan Terms:- 6 months
Monthly Installment:- £187.93
Total Repayable:- £1127.55
Interest Rate:- 42.5% (fixed)


Loan Application Process:-

  • Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button
  • Find the online application form
  • Fill the form with mandatory details
  • Submit it and wait for approval

Gizmo Cash wants to be a reliable lender of the payday loans with bad credit not an issue. This is the reason why we quickly review all the details and let the funds disbursed to your given UK bank account within one hour of approval.

An Obligation-Free Process:-

Applying for the payday loans is entirely an obligation-free process where the borrowers do not need to submit any document and they can get an early loan approval even with no guarantor. Thus sometimes, these loans are also called as the Loans without Guarantor. Since these are the unsecured loans, borrowers obviously do not need to put anything in the name of the collateral.


Now applying for the short term payday loans for bad credit people has become a lot easier than a few years ago. It is because Gizmo Cash does not check the credit history of the borrowers while applying for the loans. In place of that, we approve the loan application on the basis of your employment status. As long as you are earning, we are convinced that you can repay the amount on your next salary day.

Advantages of Payday Loans with No Credit Check Are:

  • You can borrow the amount instantly
  • Your credit score does not get affected further
  • Funds transferred within the same day
  • You can regain your credit score easily

Why GizmoCash?


In most of the times, the payday loans are applicable for the employed people because they can repay the borrowed sum on their next salary day. Gizmo Cash also follows the same but it is not specific. We are the modern age lender that knows how to make lending possible for every individual irrespective of the income status.

Payday Loans for Unemployed people are possible only when you are generating income through rent or freelancing or any other source. Here, unemployment means you lack the stable income. Our main concern is just to analyse your capacity to make the repayments and once you convince us, you get the opportunity of personalising your loan offer.

At Gizmo Cash, we feel proud to be a responsible lender and also providing a helping hand to the people with poor credit. You can easily expect purity when we give loans to you and we promise you with allowing fast and simple application procedure to allow your finances to be safe as quickly as possible.

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