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No Guarantor Loans

Loans Without Guarantor - It’s Time for Changing the Situation

Providing a guarantor is often considered best for those individuals, who have a bad credit history. But not relying on others by applying for loans without guarantor gives you the liberty to manage your financial issues on your own. It also signifies that you do not need to spend days in finding out a guarantor and there is no need to reveal your financial situation to others.

Representative Example

Loan Amount
Loan Terms
12 months
Monthly Installment
Total Repayable
Interest Rate
46.9% (fixed)

These loans are generally ideal for the people, whose credit ratings have fallen down significantly. They often turn towards someone and convince him or her to be their guarantor, but later they fail to do so. The loans without guarantor in UK work as the alternative where the borrowers do not need to put financial obligations on someone else.

The no guarantor loans are often categorised as a term that is used to any loan where providing the guarantor is not mandatory and the borrowers have all the chances of getting a loan approval for the amount from £500 to £10000.

For Which Purposes Can I Apply for Loans?

Here are some of the purposes for which you can use the loans:

  • Car Repair
  • Home Improvement
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Emergency Expenditure
  • Medical Emergency
  • Student Financing
  • Holiday Expenses

Payday loans have the similarity with loans without guarantor for bad credit people because for these loans too, the lender does not see any necessity of guarantor’s signature.

How to Apply for Loans

Gizmo Cash gives you a simple online platform to apply for the loans without a guarantor. You don't need to visit anywhere or indulge in tedious paperwork. Instead, you just have to follow simple steps, which are mentioned below:

  • Open the online application form on our website
  • Fill it with mandatory personal details
  • Submit the application form

We will quickly review your application and all the details, and if approved, we transfer the desired funds directly to your UK bank account within 24 hours.

We expect that our borrowers should follow the application form in true manner and they will put correct personal information. As a reliable lender, we vow that their details will be safe and secure with us and not be given to any third party.

What I need to do to be Eligible for Loans?

You can easily apply for these loans, if you fulfil the following eligibility requirements:

  • Age should be between 18 - 70 years
  • Living in UK as a permanent resident
  • Should have an income status (employed or self employed)
  • A valid bank account
  • A homeowner (but tenants can also apply)

Loans without Guarantor for Bad Credit People - How is it Possible?

Your eligibility is largely considered on the basis of your current financial circumstances, even if your credit history is not a stellar one. Your acceptance for the loan is almost guaranteed if you have maintained the capacity to make the repayments.

Availing loans without guarantor for bad credit people is not a tricky task. It has become possible through the 'no credit check' policy. Under this one, we do not examine the borrowers' credit history and the approval is not affected by mere past credit mistakes. However, we do go through the credit history of the borrower in some cases but that would come under the soft credit check and it does not deny the loan application. Here are some of the advantages of these loans without credit check:

  • Your previous credit profile does not affect current circumstances.
  • It will not leave any blot to your credit records.
  • You do not have to disclose your credit scores to multiple lenders.

It is indeed a crucial advantage of applying for loans without guarantor from direct lenders like Gizmo Cash.

What Benefits of Loans without Guarantor that Gizmo Cash Bring for You?

  • The primary advantage of loans without guarantor is that you don't have to approach someone else to act as your guarantor. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult because you have to win his or her trust especially when your credit score has not been up to the mark.
  • These loans also save your time by not collecting too many papers regarding the guarantor’s financial status that further paves the way for immediate loan approval and so does the fund disbursal.
  • You have a nice chance to get your credit score back on track. You do not have to rely on others for the repayments rather you can plan the repayment from your monthly salary and improve the score significantly.
  • Your overall financial situation improves simultaneously because you start availing the flow of funds to continue the financial activities.

Receiving these no guarantor loans from Gizmo Cash means you can improve your finances right now. Thus, start applying today and get the loan benefits.

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