Frequently Asked Questions

Applying for the loans must be done through a complete research and as a borrower, you should not be confused on any of its aspects. To ease your doubts, we have framed out some questions with their proper answers so that you can move further with no doubts at all.

Once you clear your queries, do not delay applying for the loans. Click on the ‘Apply Now’ button, fill the online form and submit it to receive the loan benefits at the earliest.

Q.Do I need good credit to get a payday loan?
A.It is always nice but not mandatory. Nowadays, the growing sphere of the direct lenders has proved that the people with bad credit scores are also the potential borrowers of the payday loan. It means you can apply for the loans irrespective of credit record.
Q.Can I get Instant Payday Loans?
A.Of course, Yes. Applying for the payday loans does not need any major steps to follow. In fact, applications can be sent online without any paperwork or faxing. You can also expect same day loan approval and fund disbursal.
How do I get finance for my business?

You do not need to be worried about funding your business since many lenders are out there offering business loans on the attractive deals. Lenders like Gizmo Cash promise to offer the loans on the competitive interest rates.

What is the business loan eligibility?

Nothing special is required but it is expected that you can follow some simple eligibility requirements, such as:

  • You must be above 21 years of age
  • You should have a bank account
  • You should be the citizen of the UK
  • You should have a business plan and earning source to ensure repayments on time.
Is guarantor mandatory for loan?

No, not at all. In fact, it is the speciality of the modern day lending where the loan providers are ready to accept the loan applications without any guarantor. However, this exemption may only be applicable on the small loans otherwise collateral may be required.

What is the criterion for no guarantor loans?

It may vary from one lender to another but generally, these are the short term loans where the borrowers must be above 18 years of age and must have a bank account. Instead of a guarantor, the lender may ask for the income status or the collateral depending upon the required amount.

What is the time limit on repaying student loans?

Well, it depends upon what sort of student loan you have applied for. You have the choice of making the repayments while pursuing the academics by doing some part time work or after completing the under graduation and according to the earning amount.

What things are consider when applying for Student loans?

Since most of the students do not have a steady source of income, the direct lenders may not insist on that but they definitely need some sort of assurance regarding the repayments. Thus, students must ensure that they be earning something to convince the lender. At some point of time, the lenders may also look upon the academic record of the particular student.

How can I get a loan while unemployed?

Applying for the unemployed loan is no more a difficult task. Direct lenders have made easier for them by introducing the concept like FinTech, which means everything is done online and the chances of same day approval and fund disbursal are always there.

Can I get loans for Unemployed with Bad Credit?

Yes, you can get the loans for unemployed with having a bad credit issue. Again the role of the direct lenders is crucial here because they are following no credit check policy that clearly indicates that getting the unemployed loans with bad credit has become easier.

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