How to keep your house and car clean with unique affordable ideas?

It has been observed that over 35% of people spend 11 to 12 hours cleaning their homes. This statistic result is based on per weekly survey. According to another survey, it has been observed that nearly 2 in 10 people spend up to cleaning 15 hours a week.

This duration sums up to around 2.5 years of cleaning our lifetime. We may want to leave our household cleaning chores on autopilot. But is it really possible? You can use some of the tips to streamline your cleaning routine.

There are many easy ways to keep your house Spic and span. You can look out for ways that will help you to keep your home clean and also at the same time will give you a sense of satisfaction.

The affordable cleaning spree

You do not need to buy those expensive cleaning products for your cleaning routine. You can also make use of some affordable alternatives and get rid of the dirt.

If you want to look out for alternatives, you can look out for various resources that are available on multiple websites. There are also DIY ideas to make up your own cleaning products. These ideas are affordable and environmentally friendly.

Many people do not look for affordable alternatives and spend on expensive cleaning solutions. For this, they may need a loan today from the direct lender on benefits. Borrowing is ok, but you can also try some affordable alternatives.

Tips to save money on cleaning

1. Showerhead cleaning

If you are using showers to offer, the showerhead gets dirty quickly. They will be covered in grime, and you may not notice it. This crime is because of water blockages.

You can clear a sandwich bag with warm water to clean your shower head. Add lemon and vinegar to it and then tight tightly. Put that bag around the shower nozzle and allow the mixture to absorb all the dirt.

This will keep your showerhead clean and avoid any water. This is one of the best ways to clean your showerheads and avoid the expensive shoutleading range.

2. Create your own oven cleaner

As mentioned above, you can make your own cleaners that are environmentally friendly and affordable. Similarly, you can make your own oven cleaner. If you want to clean your oven without any hassle, you can use an innovative formula.

Take some vinegar, baking soda, lime, or a lemon and dish soap. Mix all these items, and you can remove the grease easily. This is a proven way to remove the grease out of the oven and other services.

 The solution is easy to make and is affordable too. Hence, ditch all the expensive cleaners in the market and clean the grease easily at home.

3. Keep your car clean

Many people are finicky about leaving their cars. If you are too passionate about your car cleaning, you can find various ways.

Taking your car to a local car cleaner is the easiest option. Also, they may charge a hefty amount for your car cleaning. Instead of taking your car to them, you can make out your own solution. For the interiors of a car, use a squeezy.

You can use the squeegee on the seeds with an old toothbrush to scrub away the dirt. This toothbrush would help you to keep your hard surfaces clean. Also, for the exterior of the car, you can rub them with alcohol to prevent smearing.

This will keep your windshield also clean. Keeping your car clean is very important. You can also borrow bad credit business cash loans to start up your own business of car cleaning. You can use these unique ideas and accelerate your business.

4. Clean your microwave with a homemade solution

Along with your car, you can also clean your microwave at home. Use some lemons and vinegar for it.

Cut the lemons into slices and add them into cider vinegar. Along with these two contents, add water to the microwaveable bowl. Before placing the bowl in the microwave, ensure to mix all the ingredients thoroughly.

Let this bowl heat inside the microwave. The time should remain for 10 minutes. This will remove the orders and also will help you to remove the stains in the microwave. You can see a visible difference after using this technique for microwave cleaning.

5. Unclog the drains

Unclogging your drains is a very important part of cleaning. You may use various products that you can buy from the market. But you can also make DIY products at home and unlock your dream.

Take some water in a bowl and boil it. Before adding it to the drain, you can add a cup of baking soda to it. Along with this, add more boiled water and vinegar to it. Once you put on the train, you can see your dream.

This idea is environmentally friendly and is also affordable. You can ditch all the expensive ideas and switch to this affordable idea. This will help you to save more money on your house cleaning.


We all like our house to be clean. But many of us may want to shift to some affordable cleaning ideas to save money.

You can do your research and get some really good ideas that are within range. You can make various cleaning solutions at home and keep your house forever clean.

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