About us


Gizmo Cash is the fastest growing online direct lender in the UK, specialising in specific short term loans on various personalised offers. We have a large team of young professionals, who know how to frame borrower-friendly loan deal that can match their financial circumstances. We feel proud to be the best online lending platform for those individuals, who want to apply for the loans through a simple, straightforward and comfortable procedure.

We follow these basics:

  • Ensuring a dependable lending
  • Convenient Procedure to follow
  • Responsible Online Lending
  • Transparent Values to pursue

We certainly do not follow:

  • Hidden fees in any manner
  • Waiting for days or weeks for approval
  • Bad communication with borrowers
  • Any surprises to dismantle borrowers’ plans

Our prime objective is to be friendlier with the borrowers so that they can conveniently avail our lending service and get back to their financial feet.


Be responsible as a direct lender, we give more value on what we are offering to our prospective borrowers? They are important for us and thus we feel it is our duty to bring an early peace of mind in their financial life.

We provide the borrowers a wide range of short term unsecured loans that can work to their multiple financial purposes. As a trustworthy lender in UK, we always ensure that you meet our lending criteria, be it related to the eligibility or the application procedure. We do not check the credit score of the borrowers and provide them a space to avail funds without worrying about their past credit history.

From unemployed to payday loans to loans without guarantors, we are representing a lending hub where the personalised loan deals are merged with transparent lending terms and special benefits like:

  • No Credit Check
  • Online Application
  • Instant loan approval
  • Competitive interest rates
  • Flexible Repayment Terms


Gizmo Cash is not must the name of a direct lender in the UK but also a place where one can shop for loan offers without too much of worries. Our borrowers prefer us because of our responsible lending approach that fetches crucial features for the borrowers. For example:

  • Quick Decision: Waiting for days or weeks is what we are against of it and thus, each loan deal is further effective for the borrowers with quick loan decision.
  • No Upfront Fees: Our main motive is to ensure comfort for the borrowers so that they can avail any loan deal with no worry at all. Not having any upfront fees is the best example of it.
  • Easy Repayment Terms: You may have failed to make the earlier repayments on-time but not this time. Follow our easy repayment terms and improve your financial record.

Choosing Gizmo Cash as your financial saviour will be a proud thing for us. Give an opportunity to us and we will bring a positive change to your financial life.

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